Mudigi's Crypto Acceptance program which allows auto dealers to receive cryptocurrencies as payment for automobiles is a stellar program for the Auto Buyer, Auto Dealer, Mudigi and Our Lenders. 

When a coin is taken in through Mudigi's coin acceptance program for auto dealers, Mudigi is guaranteeing the dealer underwriting the trade, making Mudigi the Underwriter for the amount accepted, over a 5 to 30 day period. The liquidation of the coin can take 5 to 10 days to settle. Mudigi eliminates this through its Lenders by having readily available cash on hand, held in escrow to settle the auto dealer customer. When the cash settlement from the sale of the coin accepted is closed out (Cash received by lending escrow account) the lender may make from 1% to 4% over a 5 day period depending on the transaction, coin accepted and time to settle the entire transaction. 

Mudigi's profits are generated on fee based programs, not participating in the interest earned, rather allowing its Lenders to receive the benefit for the rental of their money. The Benefit is that most risks have been eliminated due to sale and settlement procedure, however the frequency of transactions is variable. Escrow management fees do apply to the Lender and are settled upon receipt of funds. Monies left in the Escrow account at our participating bank are subject to relending and consequently subject to earnings on interest generated from Mudigi Lending activities and limitations to settle in terms of liquidity (Usually 5 days). This works best for all stakeholders. However this program is subject to termination with development of the Mudigi Long-term Lending Program as its Lending Token is issued (Upon Approval) and avialble to the market at large. 

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Mudigi's Lending program is Crypto Based (Please Read Mudigi White Paper), however transcends to the Auto Dealer as a traditional secondary finance market loan program, made available only to Mudigi participating dealers. 

Loans made to Auto Dealer's Customers (Dealer Customers) are subject to the same standards as any other lender in the market place, however the unique feature to Mudigi's success for all stakeholders is the management of the Lending Capital Structure. All Monies placed in to the Mudigi Lending Capital Structure belong to the Lenders and not Mudigi. All Interest and principal returned to the Lender's Escrow account is obligated only to participating lenders and allow no participation by Mudigi or any other outsider, with the exception of the Trustee; Which is only management, wire and accounting fees as fiduciary to the lenders. Mudigi nor any other party has no beneficial ownership in the account nor interest earned from the lending activities therefore all interest earned is only beneficial to the contributing lenders. The Debits from the escrow account only occur upon collateralized asset replacing it and credits to the account only occur upon loan service, all the way to closure or asset remediation.

Mudigi as an operating entity only generates its profits from fee-based lending practices which are paid by Auto Dealers and Dealer Customers. 

Mudigi Lenders in the Long Term Program may enjoy accelerated growth due to conversion (exit policy) and the compounding of eligible capital for on going lending to auto borrowers. To be clear, this is not a standard lending program.

Please Read the Mudigi White Paper 



If you are new to the Mudigi Lending Platform, please take the time to read our White Paper. It is critical to understanding our lending policies and attitude towards the market in which we serve. 


This is a brief explanation of Mudigi policies disclosed herein with the spirit of full-transparency. This IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL NOR SOLICIT THE PURCHASE OF SECURITIES NOR AN OFFER TO SELL NOR SOLICIT THE PURCHASE OF LENDING PROGRAMS through Mudigi nor its parent, Vault Valley, LLC.

Mudigi Financial, Mudigi and others, are trade brands for Vault Valley, LLC and registered 

There are always risks associated with lending, regardless of the safeguards placed by any party to any transactions, which may cause the entire loss of lent monies, and in some cases more loss to personal and private assets. Please consult your attorney and tax advisor before considering any level participation with Mudigi, its parent company Vault Valley, LLC and any related party to Mudigi.  

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Mudigi Offers two basic programs for Lenders and provides a rate unprecedented. Our rates are derived from our business model which is designed to maximize efficiency , safety and control of debt financing for each stakeholder in debt-based finance.