joshua stocks

Years of experience: 18
Position: CTO

Joshua is the architect and manager for 3 of the largest electronic and digital marketing platforms on the planet. His next-generation platform fusing blockchain into existing platforms allows whole industries to leverage market position into incredible profit conversion.  

joshua w. lankford

Years of experience: 26
Position: COO

Josh has multidisciplinary expertise in highly efficient business development from over 17 years in Investment Banking. Josh is highly cultured and proven in finance and applied economics. Josh's extreme example is his well-documented supremacy of the OTC trading markets in 2003 through 2007 through multiple market components.

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c. michael spencer

Years of experience: 40
Position: CFO

Mike started out at Lehman Brothers on Wall Street and sold his Wall Street Institutional Trading Firm in 2001. Mike has owned auto dealerships, prized racehorses and has a true global perspective, perfectly honed for the new digital age of business and sales. Mike Loves Winners.  

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Our entire purpose is to provide a solution to our auto dealers that allows them to tap digital currency as a ready market by:

  1. Allowing Dealers to accept cryptocurrencies without risk to market fluctuation by converting cryptos to acceptable currency for auto dealers
  2. Further eliminating risk by immediate funding of contract price
  3. Advertising each Dealer's autos, daily from feed, directly to cryptocurrency holders worldwide 
anthony baker

Years of experience: 30
Position: President & CEO

Tony started as a car man and has pushed over $18 Billion in autos and finance. He is an established corporate leader with marketing and sales innovations resulting in astounding annual sales records for 1,000's of auto dealers.  Tony is founded on his extensive expertise in all areas of Dealer operations.  

Mudigi Finance maximizes the efficiency safety and control of the conversion of auto dealers' proven sales models into the rich, growing market of cryptocurrency holders that need to buy automobiles with their digital money.

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